Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin goes above and beyond in her role on the McCarty Connection Executive Board. Her position as the Assistant Director of Programming and Communications involves many responsibilities, and Jordan accomplishes them all with aplomb. She finds ways to innovate and improve on her role, such as creating appreciation gifts for the program leaders she oversees, or meeting with programming groups outside of normal meeting times to assure they have the support they need. She is also willing to step up and provide help wherever it is needed, such as filling in for members who cannot attend essential meetings, creating materials for programs, and any other task that is needed. Jordan is the person every group wants – the person who will do whatever it takes to make sure a project is successful, regardless of whether those tasks are strictly her responsibility or not. In addition, she is very creative, and the posters, decorations, and bulletin boards she makes are engaging and beautiful. Finally, Jordan brings a level of enthusiasm and energy to Hall Council that brings the whole group up.  Her excitement is contagious, and helps to give everyone a group a positive experience, such as when she decided to make milkshakes for everyone in McCarty Connection one week, or when she made cupcakes for the whole group. In addition to the sweet treats, Jordan’s sense of humor also improves the Hall Council experience for everyone involved. She truly makes a difference in the community!

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