Kanakbhorn “KK” Saha


I am honored to nominate KK Saha as an outstanding UW Woman. KK has lived her Husky Experience to the fullest by orienting, involving and inspiring fellow UW students, especially through her paid and volunteer with with ASUW student government.  She served as an ASUW Office of Government Relations employee to organize major events such as the Legislative and Administrative Receptions at the UW, and Huskies on the Hill student lobby day in Olympia. KK serves as ASUW Personnel Director to oversee the Human Resources for about 75 ASUW student employees.  Currently KK chairs the ASUW Personnel Committee which is in charge of running 68 student employee hirings over a period of 7 weeks.  KK effectively trains and engages student employees and volunteers and she ensures they feel completely familiar with the complex details of ASUW policies and procedures, and the hiring process itself.  She makes training memorable and fun by creating a Jeopardy game to test knowledge of the student government, and by conducting mock interviews with entertaining role plays with characters from House of Cards.   KK has built a strong supportive community within the ASUW and the HUB.  I know that countless students have had a better UW experience because of KK’s involvement and dedication as a leader, a colleague, and a friend.  I look forward to continuing to watch how KK contributes to the world whether it be in finance, politics or public service.


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