Katelyn Fuhlman

Kay joined the McMahon staff the past August and hit the ground running.  Though she later revealed that training was overwhelming, Kay demonstrated remarkable leadership skills, sound judgment, and passion for helping others. Kay is a boundless student leader committed to improving the UW Community and the world beyond.  In addition to her RA role, Kay is a senator for ASUW, and is the committee chair for Student Senate’s General Affairs Committee.  Kay’s passion for social justice and women’s equality is met with action, as Kay also contributes her time and talent to volunteering for the group Businesses for Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST). Kay’s residents, peers, and The University of Washington at large benefit from the leadership and determination of Kay Fuhlman.

Kay is a wonderful human being, and a phenomenal representative of UW women. She is smart, strong, kind and courageous. She fights for what she believes in and does what she can to support those around her. In her job as an RA, she finds ways to uplift her residents and provide a comfortable and encouraging community. She is also part of the ASUW senate, a group that devotes their time to giving the students of UW a voice. She is most deserving of this recognition and it was an honor to nominate her.

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