Katrina Nelson

Katrina Nelson

Not only has Katrina Nelson been an integral part of Residential Life for the last few years, but she has also been a fantastic addition to my daily work life! She has a wonderful energy to share an office space with and I continue to emulate her in many ways, both personal and professional. Our very first project together was a presentation about customer service, as both of our jobs include a lot of contact with students, parents, and other UW staff and faculty. Working with Katrina on this was enjoyable for many reasons: she has a great sense of humor, (and even let me slip in a picture of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure!!), and was able to teach me so much about how to improve my own skills in this area – including the idea of co-workers can give each other good customer service. She has continued to provide exceptional customer service to me! As of late, we’ve been spearheading the records management project for Residential Life and it’s been quite the undertaking. But Katrina has been the perfect person to do it with – she is calm, collected, and gives great opinions. But she’s also not afraid to change our course of action if one way just is not working (which has happened multiple times with this project alone)! I appreciate her level head, organization, and context with the system to make this process so much easier. All in all, Katrina is a fabulous person and co-worker, and I look forward to seeing the great places she goes in the future.


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