Kaylie Lunberg

Kaylie Lundberg

Kaylie is an exceptional employee, student, and person.  Throughout this year, I have been amazed at the amount of hard work and dedication that Kaylie has shown in all aspects of her life.  Kaylie’s work ethic is incredible and I am continuously amazed at the level of care and detail she puts into everything she does.  Despite having so much on her plate, I can always count on Kaylie to deliver high quality work.  As a student, Kaylie is even more impressive.  I am so inspired by the dedication and passion Kaylie shows for her academic work.  When Kaylie talks about the work she is doing in her classes, her excitement is contagious!  Kaylie finds true meaning in the work she does as a student and her commitment to her work will surely take her far in her career.  In addition to the great work Kaylie does as an employee and student, she is also an unbelievably kind and caring person.  Kaylie is always willing to lend a helping hand and truly cares about all the people in her life.  Our conversations have been a highlight to my year and I wish Kaylie the best in whatever she pursues.  Kaylie deserves to be celebrated as an intelligent, driven, and compassionate woman.


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