Kira Newman

Kira Newman

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Kira Newman for the past two years in Residential Life and she absolutely deserves recognition for all of her great work. Kira’s high energy and outgoing personality made it easy to get to know her and continue our great working relationship. Kira shows great leadership to her RA staff, Fitness Center West staff, and her hall council. She is always available answering questions and providing them the opportunity to really develop as competent and confident student leaders. Kira is also wonderful at establishing relationships with our department and campus partners through her work as a Resident Director. In terms of my individual relationship with Kira, she has provided me excellent advice specifically as it relates to my graduate studies in higher education. I appreciate her knowledge and experience and could not imagine my time here in Residential Life at the University of Washington without having the opportunity to work with Kira. She has made me a better professional and is definitely deserving of this recognition.

Kira Newman is an incredible resident director, supervisor and mentor. Her passion for her work is infectious and she inspires her staff daily. Kira always has time for the needs of others and her humor easily puts a smile on everyone’s face. She goes out of her way to better her staff and it has been an absolute pleasure working for her.

Kira has many admirable traits that make her an asset to any team she is a part of. I have had the opportunity to have meaningful conversations regarding my future with Kira that have shown me how thoughtful she is. She puts herself in someone else’s situation in order to understand what they are experiencing and can provide her own relevant insights to the conversation. She is able to generate alternative ideas to help others think outside of the box. I personally appreciate her help in educating me about social justice issues and helping me identify these matters in my own world. She has an infectious personality and is very fun to be around. When she is excited about something, it makes everyone else enthusiastic as well. Kira works diligently while maintaining an upbeat demeanor, which is motivating to others. On our team, she does her best to make sure we are all seeing the bright side in the midst of difficult times. Her motivational quotes and goody bags are an example of how she goes the extra mile to brighten our days. I would like to individually thank Kira for all of the hard work she has done to make my experience as a resident adviser one that I will always remember fondly. She has made a huge difference in my outlook on life after college and has positively influenced my work ethic in ways I am very thankful for. Anyone who has the chance to work with her is fortunate and will be better off with her on their team.

Kira is an amazing person and supervisor. She shows her care for those she works with through humor, a kind word, and a listening ear and also maintains order and manages Elm spectacularly. We are all lucky to have her and want to her to know that she is appreciated. Additionally, she is a blessing to the HFS and UW community and I hope she continues to influence the lives of others at the school for years to come. She truly is a UW woman worth celebrating.

Kindling – Kira not only makes an effort to create a good relationship with those around her, but strives to also create new connections between others. Integrity – She is a great alternative role model to those who separate their work values and home values Robust – Not only in her ability to to adapt to her circumstances, but to adapt her actions to better suit the needs of another. Affable – Something she was not always, but is now.  Kira strives to better herself for herself.

Kira is simply a phenomenal woman. She has incredible enthusiasm and energy that impacts and supports her Elm staff and everyone around her. She is an inspiration and wonderful mentor because her compassion and understanding motivates individuals to pursue their own endeavors and to develop or achieve their life-long goals. Her dedication and sheer love for her job is truly inspiring.

Kira models what it means to be a supportive supervisor to her student staff. The amount of knowledge she holds about each of them goes beyond her expectations and she is willing to be there in both their highest and lowest moments. This shows true dedication to the work of student affairs. As a colleague, I have relied on Kira for guidance in many stressful moments. She has shown me how essential it is to monitor my own sense of balance in, what can at time be, the emotionally tasking work that we do. I highly appreciate the patients and guidance she has provided me as a new team member. Thank you Kira for being a great mentor to me!

Kira Newman is an incredible boss and mentor. She offers guidance and shows sincere interest in our lives. She has cheered me on through difficult times, and has been one of the first to congratulate any accomplishments. She is a commanding presence in a room, and her values are reflected in how she treats us as a staff.

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