Korrie Miller

Korrie Miller Headshot

Korrie burst onto the UW scene in January 2014, when she became the director of the Young Executives of Color program at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. It has been an honor to work alongside a positive light, who motivates her students and colleagues everyday. Her passion and purpose toward working with underrepresented minority students is inspiring. Korrie defines what it means to be a strong female of color in higher education and I am excited to see the impact to she will continue to make in everything she does.

Korrie Miller is a bright light to everyone she interacts with—whether that person is a professional, student, or fellow staff member.  As one of her students, I know firsthand the amount of passion and energy she instills within everyone in a room, just by walking into it. Korrie is a trailblazer—breaking the stereotype that introverted and quiet individuals can’t be leaders—as she flawlessly manages an entire nine month business academy without missing a beat.  She is a solid rock within the Foster School of Business’s Undergraduate Diversity Services that provides students who connect with her a safe avenue to effectively address any and all of their concerns.  She is the definition of selfless, and the definition of a leader who lifts up others as she climbs to success. In the amount of time I’ve known her, Korrie has been able to impact my life in ways many others haven’t been able to and it all boils down to the fact that she is an amazing women, pursing her passions and dreams without any reservations.  She will always be a mentor to me and her teachings have already and will continue to affect my own leadership style as a women. For everything she has already done, and I’m sure she will continue to do, Korrie is more than deserving of being recognized as an incredible women making waves here at the University of Washington, and I’m honored to know her well enough to nominate her for it.

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