Laura Roy

Laura Roy

Laura Roy has a gift as rare as it is underrated: she lends a sense of belonging to every space she inhabits. She has a democratic and respectful way of putting everyone at ease, from co-workers to our young participants with disabilities. She is both charmingly nonchalant and incredibly self-composed. Laura began working for the DO-IT Center as a student, and has recently celebrated five years as an employee. As an Operations Specialist, she handles a variety of tasks with equal aplomb, including reconciling budgets, making travel arrangements, maintaining databases, and inevitably knowing the answer to your question (seriously, any question). When challenges arise, Laura is unflappable. Her ability to take things in stride keeps the rest of us calm and focused. In short, her work makes our work possible. Laura recently took on a significant leadership role, supervising our entire student support staff. She is already a mentor to some, yet strives to improve her leadership qualities through education and open discussion. She has the confidence and strength of character to ensure the success of a project, while maintaining the flexibility to pursue alternate approaches. Whatever the project, she’ll make it work. And she’ll make you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time while she’s doing it.


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