Lauren Fryhle

Lauren Fryhle

Lauren Fryhle is committed to helping students understand the importance of all aspects of the college experience, and she works hard to educate herself about the robust opportunities available for students. Lauren engages with students in a manner that is both comfortable and productive. This is a tough balance that many advisers struggle with, but in Lauren’s few years on the team she’s shown herself to be compassionate yet efficient.  Efficiency is an often underrated skill that is so vital to successfully handling the heavy workload advisers face, and Lauren is gracefully efficient every day. Lauren is able to hold students accountable when that’s most appropriate yet supports them in those fragile moments college students experience. She is gentle yet candid in guiding students even when encouraging them to consider alternatives to their original plan.   She generously welcomes the analytical discussion required to build a better understanding among the team and establish a course of action based on that understanding. Lauren has taken the time to learn about the field of engineering which enables her to respond in a knowledgeable and meaningful way to students struggling to decide on a particular field of engineering.  She also demonstrates the all too rare ability to determine when to ask for guidance and when to “go it alone.” Students Lauren works with are better prepared to take charge of their academic career because she was their adviser. I want to thank Lauren for being part of the team!  Thank you, Lauren.

Lauren Fryhle has been a joy to work with since her first days on the job as an Academic Advisor in the College of Engineering. She dove in right from the first day, and her enthusiasm and commitment to the student experience has not wavered at all since then. She is constantly thinking of ways to offer new or different kinds of support to pre-Engineering and Engineering students, such as the Peer Advisors program, and she brings a positive energy and great ideas to all teams with which she collaborates. Lauren is an excellent campus partner for the Engineering Theme Community in the residence halls, and she works behind the scenes to make programs successful, while also encouraging the Resident Advisor staff and providing support for them. Lauren also demonstrates great concern for the students with whom she works, and will take the time to follow up individually with students who may be struggling, as well as contacting other staff members at the university to provide resources for students. In addition, Lauren is a wonderful person to work with, as her presence brightens up even very early-morning meetings. It is a pleasure to have her as a colleague, and she brings so much to students interested in or already accepted into majors in the College of Engineering!

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