Mariam Mead Yaqub

Mariam is a wonderful co-worker. I enjoy working and collaborating with her because of her diverse array of background and interests. She brings a unique perspective to each scenario because of her experience within international studies that I really appreciate. I really love that she takes the time to stop by and say hello to her co-workers when she is passing through the area, and genuinely cares for others and how they are doing. Each day she is smiling, and ready to start the day on a positive note. Walking by Mariam in the hallway you will see a happy and positive person, who is excited about the work they are doing and the interactions she is having. Her staff is well served to have her for their supervisor, as they constantly feel supported and cared for, she does a wonderful job of supporting her hall council and student leaders as well. It is a great joy to work with Mariam every day, I am so happy to nominate her for this well- deserved award.

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