Mariasol Hill

Mariasol Hill is definitely deserving of a Celebrating UW Women nomination. I have been lucky enough to work with her for the past couple of years in the Poplar Residential Life Office and am so grateful for the time that we have gotten to spend together and learn from one another. She always has an upbeat and positive attitude and brings fun into the work place. Mariasol has a wonderful relationship with both her colleagues and the staff that she supervises and advises and her staff frequently comment on appreciating her work as their boss. She has a great breadth of knowledge which I tap in to almost daily. For example, her knack for Microsoft Excel has saved me stress and an enormous amount of time on several occasions and I am thankful for all of her experience and guidance that she has provided me with regards to my job and my future career path.  I also appreciate the time that I have gotten to know her outside of work. Our commonalities definitely made it easy to get to know her as a friend and a co-worker. I am so happy to nominate Marisol as an outstanding woman in the University of Washington community.

I work with Mariasol closely and every day seems to peel back another level of her depth and potential in the student affairs world. She brings a unique perspective to staff and students that are invaluable in Housing and Food services.  The most frequent display of this comes from the daily interactions she holds with others. Her ability to navigate stressful situations with humor and grace makes her an ideal supervisor and colleague. I also appreciate how true she holds to her own beliefs and identity, role modeling a standard we hope our students can reach. As a colleague, she exercises outstanding mutual respect. If at any time I need a moment to ask a simple question or process a challenging situation, Mariasol has shown unconditional support. Without her humor, guidance, and level-headedness, I would not have felt the same level of competency in my new position. Thank you Mariasol for the work you do!

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