Megan Herzog

Megan Herzog photo

Megan Herzog is a natural community builder and people developer.  She just unveiled her capstone project for her major in Community, Environment and Planning (CEP).  It’s an amazingly creative and engaging project called Storytimeline which showcases the history of the University District, where people are invited to learn and share their stories about the community.  You can check it out online at and in person on the Ave near the University Bookstore for the next month.  In addition to being actively involved in her CEP major, Megan also serves as a peer mentor in UW Leaders, a peer-run leadership development and mentoring program.  Megan engages people in meaningful dialogue individually and collectively and she always has a wonderful story to tell.  Ask her about the time when her friend went dog sitting – it’s guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.   I look forward to seeing where the future will take Megan.  I am confident that wherever she goes, she will make the entire community more connected, more engaged, more interactive, more livable and more welcoming.  When she graduates, I will miss her warm, welcoming spirit, her professionalism, her intelligence, her communication skills and her positive attitude.

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