Noell Bernard Kingsley

Noell Bernard Kingsley

I cannot say enough about how much I admire Noell as a colleague and friend. One of Noell’s greatest assets is her ability to connect with students and help them fully explore their interests and opportunities.  She views each student as an individual and takes the time to get to know them personally.  Once students share their concerns, Noell encourages them to actively engage in their education and helps them strategize about which resources will best help them succeed both academically and personally. A former adviser stated “Noell doesn’t believe in taking the easy road; instead she challenges her students to think critically, research, investigate, and make good decisions. She epitomizes what is good in the advising community.” In addition, Noell is a leader amongst UW advisers. She has served as Co-Chair of the University of Washington (UW) Association of Professional Advisers and Counselors (APAC) and Co-Chair of UW’s Asian Pacific Islander Faculty and Staff Association. As co-chair of APAC, she spearheaded a ‘Keep Calm and See Your Adviser’ mug fundraiser. A significant of money was raised that is now being used for scholarships for advisers to attend professional conferences. Personally, Noell is one of the kindest and most supportive people I know. Colleagues of Noell’s at both the UW Seattle and Tacoma campuses agree that she is, above all else, a valued friend. One adviser commented, “Most of all, Noell is a great colleague to work with. She can listen to you when you are down, she will crack a joke when you need a laugh, and she will send you cute cards when you least suspect it. She cares and that comes through to all her co-workers and to her students. You can teach people a lot of things, but you can’t teach them to care.”


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