Noelle Wilson

noelle wilson

Noelle Wilson joined the UW in June of 2014, and has wowed me since her arrival. Noelle brings creative insight, compassion and enthusiasm to all that she does.  Noelle is easy to laugh and committed to being her best self and encouraging the same in others. As the Residence Education Specialist with Housing & Food Services, Noelle manages a new program that delivers educational programs focused on academic success, holistic wellness and diversity to students living on campus. As with many new programs, the year has had some bumps, road blocks and unexpected turns, and throughout the journey, Noelle has performed with grace and poise. She has opened herself, the program and her team to all levels of feedback, from the ridiculous and petty to the creative and insightful, and Noelle has responded with smart and agile tweaks and changes that have proven beneficial for the program. Some, myself included, would wilt in the face of consistent critique, but Noelle has responded consistently with a positive attitude, a process improvement mindset and most importantly an unfailing positive regard for others. Noelle is a phenomenal UW woman with a warm smile, a talent for zingy puns, and unending compassion.  With a fistful of pink glitter tossed in the air, I celebrate Noelle Wilson!


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