Priscilla Hur


Priscilla embodies what you want from a student leader.  She is poised, professional, creative, and attentive to those she works with.  She started the year as a Residence Education Programmer – part of a team of students that provide educational programs in the residence halls.  She quickly rose above to showcase her leadership qualities and was selected to be the Lead REP. She has taken on this new position with excitement and a great sense of organization that is needed. I know I can always count on Priscilla to be forthright with concerns she has as well as bringing out concerns for the team.  She not only presents issues, but proposes solutions to those problems. She is well respected by her peers and continually inspires the team to provide excellence. Priscilla has a knack for attention to detail as well as having a vision for what could be. She recently collaborated with another REP, the ECC, and residential life staff members to make a video celebrating Black History which features the voices of 20 UW students. I continue to be impressed with the caliber of work that she produces and am overjoyed that I have had the opportunity to work with such a bright young woman.


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