Rebekah Price

Rebekah is one of the most passionate young women I have ever met.  She has a passion for many things, including science fiction, video games, the Seattle Sounders, social justice, and most importantly, a passion for learning.  Rebekah embodies everything a student leader should: strong work ethic, commitment, excitement/enthusiasm, ambition, and personal passion for success.  As an RA, Rebekah has had to manage many complex situations in the midst of Rebekah’s own challenges this year, and she has done so with ease.  She continually puts others first, and her peers regularly recognize her for her support and willingness to take on additional responsibilities.  Rebekah is reliable, and approaches life with a level of authenticity that we should envy.  Rebekah has been an honor to know and supervise this year, and she is undoubtedly going to change the world by combining her passions into a successful career and a happy life.

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