Rutvi Patel

Rutvi is a hilarious, talented, passionate young woman whose sense of humor and positive energy contribute greatly to the success of her residents and her staff in her role as an RA.  Rutvi is kind, approachable, and always willing to take the time to help her residents and her staff.  She brings positive energy to everything she does, and her positivity is infectious!  Rutvi’s residents love getting to know her, and constantly seek out her wisdom and advice.  Rutvi is innovative, and consistently brings new ideas to the staff team that make everyone’s jobs easier.  Rutvi keeps us all laughing, and we appreciate her ability to laugh at herself.  Rutvi has been a blast for me to supervise, and she always asks insightful questions that demonstrate her passion and desire to improve.  Rutvi is undoubtedly going to achieve her dreams, and I am proud to say I have supervised her!

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