Sabrina DeBont

Sabrina DeBont is a freshman student here at the university. I’ve gotten to know her well over the past six months as a mentor, and she is certainly what I would call ‘outstanding’. As the Assistant Resident Director of McMahon, I first met her when she interviewed for a position in our hall council. I don’t recall exactly what she said during the interview, but she was the first candidate out of the many before her who made a strong impression. I had a feeling that she was someone I could trust, and I was right. She is currently the Executive Director of MacCity, a recently inherited title. Prior to that she had served as the Director of Programming and Communications for our organization. She excelled in this role: organizing the high level operations for MacCity’s programs. There wasn’t a single program that Sabrina wasn’t involved in. Not only did she help to organize these progams, but she graciously donated her time to volunteer for these programs. All of this in addition to her hectic academics, and UW Rugby commitments. Of all the executive board members that were selected for MacCity, she is the only one who has stayed. It’s a testament to her commitment, her work ethic, and her ambition. Her contributions not only make MacCity a wonderful organization, but help to make the entire community of McMahon a better place for all residents to live.

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