Savannah Ledgerwood

Savannah Ledgerwood

I am honored to nominate Savannah Ledgerwood as an outstanding UW Woman. Savannah has lived her Husky Experience to the fullest by orienting, involving and inspiring fellow UW students.  She served as an Orientation Leader and Tour Guide to warmly welcome incoming students to campus.  She taught three years of FIG classes for freshmen, and she has done research in a Psychology lab. Currently Savannah engages nearly 50 underclassmen leaders and 20 mentors as UW Leaders (UWL) Director, a peer-led leadership development program.  Sav trains and engages the UWL mentors and leaders and gets them connected with people and resources from all over the UW campus and Seattle community.  Her UWL student mentees and mentors can attest to how effectively Sav has built a strong supportive community, and how she is always looking out for new opportunities to help individuals and groups identify and pursue their dreams and passions.  She is a natural educator, an accomplished researcher, scholar and facilitator, and a professional leader.  I know that countless students have had a better UW experience because of Sav’s involvement and dedication to go above and beyond as a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. As an Adviser, I get the pleasure to work with countless amazing students and Sav stands out as a superstar.  Working with Sav is almost too easy because she is always so on her game that I have to be creative in anticipating how I can add value to her experience in her senior year.  I am excited for what the future holds for her as she will bring her many diverse talents and authentic personality to advocating for access to education for underserved populations.  I look forward to continuing to watch how Savannah contributes to future generations of students as a higher education enthusiast.

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