Susie Hawkey

Susie Hawkey

Susie Hawkey1

Susie has been a pillar of support ever since she joined the DO-IT team over a year ago. Susie’s knowledge of working within the rules to find the perfect solution consistently keeps everyone in the office happy. She always puts 110% in to every project she works on and focuses all of her energy into creating fantastic results. We have received several grants during her time here due to her dedication and time spent managing the submission process. She also oversees all of our operational projects and ongoing needs–including our new website, the ongoing upgrades to our database, the updating of office space, payroll support, and a variety of others. DO-IT is able to run smoothly and continuously because of the hard work and effort she puts in every day. Susie’s focus on customer service makes her managerial style perfect for her position, keeping all of her employees happy and in high spirits. Her calm exterior, pleasant demeanor, and great sense of humor provide the support, trust, and confidence necessary for a fantastic manager. She has incredible care for her employees and coworkers, and her flexibility and appreciation keep office morale high. I always feel confident that Susie has both my best interest at heart as well as loyalty and concern for our organization. It’s hard to find someone in the workplace who cares as much as she does. I am excited to nominate her for this award, because if any woman deserves to be recognized for her dedication, strength, and consideration at UW, it would be her.


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