Taylor Velazquez

Taylor V

Taylor is a leader within the community of McMahon and UW. Even though it is her first year here she has done everything she can to get involved and make a difference.  One of the things she has done is become the director of McMahon Hall Council. She is always on top of things and makes sure all of their events go smoothly. Taylor keeps the meetings fun but also informative and productive.  She has also shown her commitment to our rights to clean water through her involvement with WASHPIRG. She is working hard and trying to make a difference. When she went to “Huskies on the Hill” she eloquently shared her story about tuition and the financial struggles of university students to members of our government. She contributed to our state leaders knowing what college is like for students and hopefully helped persuade them to think about the students before passing future bills that may raise our tuition. Taylor is an overall amazing UW Woman and I think with everything she does she should get adequate recognition and thanks.

Taylor is one of the most impressive people I have ever had the opportunity to work with. First of all, she’s 17. Entering college at that age alone is an achievement, but her age is the least of those. Taylor spends her free time in WashPIRG encouraging young people to vote, tutoring low income students, and with the fragment of time that remains she hangs out with her friends like the rest of us. I met Taylor through MacCity, the Hall Council for McMahon. I interviewed her for an executive position in the Fall and selected her as the Assistant Director of Representation, but I wish that I had simply chosen her as the Executive Director from the start. MacCity’s original Director left the position mid-Fall, and Taylor was one of two people who stepped up to try and fill it. She then became the director, and took the organization to the next level. Under her leadership, our programs had a larger scale, a greater impact on the community, and a bigger presence. With each meeting she became better at leading the MacCity members and kept the meetings exciting for those who attended. She now serves as an RA in Elm Hall without having taken the class or training to become one! When she told me she had to leave, I had never simultaneously felt so proud to see someone succeed, and sad to seem them leave. She is without a doubt, one of UW’s finest.

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