Ternessa Cao

Ternessa is an extremely intelligent, ambitious young woman who has contributed greatly to Residential Life in her role as an RA.  Ternessa has worked as an RA for three years (no small feat), and continues to form strong personal relationships with her residents, who LOVE Ternessa’s caring personality.  Ternessa currently works in the Engineering Community, providing constant support for those pursuing Engineering.  As an Engineer herself, Ternessa is able to encourage her residents and provide excellent strategies for their success.  As a woman in a male dominated field, it is strong young women like Ternessa who are going to pave the way for her students to find success in their own right.  Ternessa’s residents love her so much they even named a fish after her!  Ternessa is adored by her staff for her kindness, great listening skills, and leadership abilities.  Ternessa has been a pleasure to supervise, and I enjoy getting to know her more and more each week.  Ternessa will stop at nothing to achieve her goals, and I am proud and honored to have known her and supervise her.

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