Tina Straycalf

Stray Grandchildren

Tina’s Grandchildren

Tina is my hero.  She is so humble that she does not even realize that she is changing the world every day.  Many people overlook the power of a shy, gentle leader.  Rather than vocalizing her every thought and belief, Tina leads by example through her immeasurable faith, work ethic, compassion, optimism, and the love she shares with everyone she encounters.  Tina brings a whole new meaning to loyalty, dedicating herself to more than thirty years at the University of Washington.  She has created a home at UW for her two sons, Longhair and Coyote, as well as her two granddaughters who are current students, Bailey and Kaya.  She has supported countless students in many ways over nearly the last four decades.  Tina works herself to the bone each day and rather than living luxuriously, she chooses to anonymously donate to multiple charities, sponsor children worldwide, tithe, and spoil her family.  Tina puts the happiness of the ones she loves above her own.  Over the years, she has empowered numerous others, including myself, through her sacrifice and unconditional love.  There is no greater honor than calling Andrea Christine Straycalf my mentor, inspiration, and sweet Grandma Honey.  It is your time to shine!  I love you always and forever and I am so proud of everything you are.


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