Vicky Yan

Vicky Yan

It is my pleasure to nominate Vicky Yan as a 2015 Celebrating UW Women recipient.  Vicky works as the Community Initiatives Program Manager at the UW Foster School of Business and helps to advise the Business Community in McMahon Hall. Working with Vicky this past year has been an absolute pleasure.  Vicky is always professional and incredibly helpful in helping me to understand the intricacies of working with Foster.  I truly look forward to our meetings because they are always so productive.  The programs Vicky has helped the Business RAs to create have gone of without a hitch and were very well received by the students in the community.   I am certain Vicky’s role encompasses so much more for than I see for students in the Foster School of Business.  Students in my community have let me know how helpful and supportive Vicky is and how hard she works.  Vicky, Thank you for all you do.  You are certainly a woman worthy of celebration.

Vicky Yan is a stronghold within the Undergraduate Diversity Services office that specializes in helping to maintain the strong community of inclusion within Foster. From her work as the manager of the Foster Ambassador Program to the planning she puts into making Foster’s Autumn and Winter Quarter Week of Welcome happen, her work directly impacts every prospective student, current student, donor, professional, faculty, and staff member that steps in the business school. Vicky has the innate ability to push students to be the best version of them self, while also realizing the individual contributions they can bring to every team they’re on.  She’s eternally giving and passionate about helping others succeed, and her passion shows through in every interaction she has at Foster. As one of her students, I know for a fact that she has played a significant role in helping me through my own personal and academic struggles. For her leadership and kindness, Vicky has already made her stamp on the history of Foster and deserves all the recognition in the world for the time and energy she has put into making Foster a home for everyone inside it.

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