Amber Marti

Amber MartiAmber is a strong and persevering woman. I’m happy to call her a colleague and friend. She does great work for her students and for all of our students through her work with leadership and programming. She is dedicated to having students have a positive experience. She is thoughtful and caring makes it clear that she is focused on doing a great job. Although she’s not new to HFS, she’s new to her position and she has been very focused on learning all aspects of her job. Even when she’s busy, she finds time to connect with colleagues and to make others feel validated. I so appreciate having Amber as a close co-worker and that we are able to bounce ideas off of one another and that we are able to make a personal friendship connection as well! She makes the day go by quickly and helps to make work fun!

It is an honor and privilege to work with such an outstanding advisor, Amber Marti. As a Leadership and Programming Specialist, she always gives her endless support and devotion to the RCSA Executive Board and the Programming Board, which she both oversees. In the middle of fall quarter, I was offered a position on the RCSA Executive Board as Director of Recognition/NRHH. However, I was seen as a newcomer, and was a little worried about the transition process. Fortunately, the stress immediately went away because Amber created such a friendly and welcoming environment! She was extremely encouraging and guided me through personal and professional development. Under her leadership, the executive board runs smoothly and efficiently overcomes challenges. Whenever there is a problem, Amber carefully listens and provides sensible advice, all while inspiring us to be proactive. Another one of her great qualities is her ability to balance work and play. I had the pleasure of attending a residential life conference with her and through it all she was an exemplary advisor. Due to the structure of the conference, delegates rarely interacted with their advisor, however, Amber made sure to be 100% present and to give us her utmost support. She also stresses the importance of self-care, and constantly checks in with our mental health. Amber would go out of her way to accommodate us and make sure our work is as manageable as possible. Without a doubt, Amber embodies all qualities that are seen in a brilliant advisor and we are lucky to have her!

Amber has been so wonderful this year leading Programming Board. She has transitioed into a completely new role gracefully, even with two new staffs to oversee. She has been a wonderful supervisor throughout the year so far; I can’t imagine Programming Board without her! She is unafraid to be honest with us, and encourages us to dream big in our programming ideas, but also to take those ideas and turn them into manageable, successful programs. I have seen the success of programming board consistently grow throughout the year under Amber’s supervision. Her positivity and willingness to help has had a huge impact on our achievements as a team. Programming Board has been one of the best experiences I have had during my time in res life, and I couldn’t imagine it being that way without Amber.


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