Ana Luong

Ana LuongAna Luong is so deserving of this honor because of her continued support of the students in Maple Hall as our Office Assistant! She works on projects and tasks that assist our Maple staff in being successful, and by extention helps our students as well. Ana has such a kind soul, genuine nature, and infectious laugh make her so easy to approach and work with. She has an extremely bright future ahead of her as she continues through her time at UW and beyond!

Ana is the Maple Hall Office Assistant and one of my favorite people to meet on a regular basis. I love coming into the office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and chatting with her about lots of the little things — day-to-day life, friends, school, Maple — anything that seems relevant. She does so much work for Maple under the radar that many people don’t know about, and her posters are all way more beautiful than mine. She is friendly and professional to residents who come in with questions, and she is trusted by our whole staff, RD and AHD included. She is an integral member of our staff and gets along well with everyone. She is so nice and hard-working and I appreciate her every day! I can’t wait for her to continue to thrive with HFS when she is in the RA class next quarter and wish her all the luck in the world.


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