Dana Hansen

Dana HansenIt is my pleasure to recognize Dana Hansen and as an outstanding, highly meritorious, colleague. We were consistently impressed with the quality of her work and the maturity, care and intention she displayed in the workplace. Dana was promoted twice in two years and took over the management of our Undergraduate Student Services within 3 years of graduation with a bachelor’s degree in our same program. She was always looking for opportunities to create improvements to our program, including taking a leadership role in our department—advocating for students, and serving as a bridge between students and faculty when needed. Dana goes above and beyond—she teaches courses for our students to assist them in major exploration and undergraduate access to research. She also provides campus leadership in chairing campus-wide groups, and was elected to the executive board of our on-campus professional association (UW Association of Professional Advisers and Counselors). I believe her combination of personal maturity, leadership skills, academic foundations, and professional experiences speaks highly to the value and richness she adds to UW. Dana’s role in our department had a serious impact on the ability of our students to maximize their education. Women like Dana move us, and the UW, toward a more inclusive, rich, and warm community. Women like Dana make all the difference in the world.


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