Dee Cheng

I am pleased to nominate Dee Cheng as a Celebrating UW Women 2016 nominee. Dee stepped into her position as the NRHH/Director of Recognition mid year, at a time of building and regrowth for NRHH. Dee has demonstrated critical thinking, sound judgment and has brainstormed creative recruitment strategies to attract new members.

Dee has demonstrated courage, determination and a willingness to learn and grow in her role. She has demonstrated modesty and vulnerability, true strengths needed in a leader, by seeking clarification about her role and asking questions in order to learn about conference policies.

Dee always has a positive attitude. When she is stressed or having a bad day, she doesn’t let it affect her work, instead focusing on the positive aspects of life and what she can change about the situation. I am looking forward to continuing to work with Dee next year and witnessing her continued growth as a student leader.

Dee has the kind of attitude that will lighten up anyones day and luckily she has chosen to use her positivity to make our campus a friendlier place. I have only known Dee for a short amount of time but in that short time I have already seen her go from an ambitious member of the community to a developing leader who has a bright future ahead of her. When there was a vacancy on the Residential Community Student Association executive board, Dee stepped up to the plate and jumped straight into a role that required a high level of experience to succeed in. It has since been three months and I can truly say that Dee has been able to manage her role as an executive board member and has already gone through great lengths to increase recognition efforts on the UW campus. For her ability to go above and beyond her expectation and her focus on giving recognition to her fellow peers, I believe that is is suiting that Dee gets recognition for herself and her contribution to our campus.


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