Emma Miller

One of Emma’s most recent artistic accomplishments is her Bulletin Board regarding proper waste disposal. She created a three dimensional bucket with a moveable handle and lid out of paper which she surrounded with foldable panels with pictures of glass bottles, plastic bags, plastic jugs, food items, and wrappers on top and the name of the correct disposal container under each flap. She turned waste disposal information into an engaging piece of art! She is a RA who is willing to share her creativity with her residents.
My hope for Emma is that she will continue to produce creative high quality work. Whenever she produces a program or product for her residents, she always seems to ask herself if her product would be something that her audience would truly enjoy. Even though she rightfully deserves to boast about the extremely high quality of her work, Emma does not because in addition to being a truly creative and thoughtful person, Emma is very humble. Her energy and down-to-Earth personality make her a wonderful co-worker, Resident Adviser, and person to be around. Keep up the great work Emma!

A very talented, creative, artistic and cheerful individual who has a particular flair for incorporating her artistic talent into designs of posters, websites, brochures, videos and so on. She is maximizing her potential in the design major and extrapolates a lot of her knowledge into other aspects of her life. She is very organized and detail oriented in the work that she carries out. She has a broad circle of friends and connection at the UW, who she stays in touch with and guides from time to time. Having held various leadership positions over the past two years, she has contributed a lot to the community be it via hall council or Programming Board or any other position.

As a RA, she is always willing to help her peers and works well with everyone. Be it decorating the halls, or interacting with residents, Emma spends a lot of quality time preparing and making sure everything is done with quality that exceeds expectations. She has never been reluctant to help with anything that the community needs even whilst balancing her busy academics and other responsibilities. She has helped many in the community analyze and set goals; a process in which she has also grown a lot and enriched her own Husky Experience. She is truly a proud Husky who aspires to achieve great heights. As a fellow Husky, I and many others hope to see her succeed in her pursuits; thank you for all your contributions and all the very best.


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