Emma Schubbe

During the time I have worked with Emma, I have been consistently astonished by her ability, work ethic and positive demeanor. As a student and as a staff member she consistently demonstrates excellence. While originally we were introduced as co-workers, over the time I have spent with her, I feel as if we have become good friends and I look forward to our continued relationship, whatever it may be. This is why I nominate Emma Schubbe for the Celebration of UW Women.

A very cheerful, warm and dedicated individual who strives to do well in all aspects of her university experience. She is a great team player who works well with different personalities to ensure that the team goal is achieved. As a very dedicated business major, she wishes to specialize in accounting and contribute to the field in some capacity in the near future. Despite having many responsibilities, she manages to balance all of them well. She is very close with her family and friends too, and reminds people of the importance of staying in touch with one’s loved ones.

Emma has also been able to foster a wonderful relationship with almost all her residents as a RA. She is a role model student, friend, tutor and resourceful peer to her residents. Her approachability is not limited to her residents; she is also very close with all Haggett staff members and works well with all of them. She always brings a cheerful spirit to the group and is willing to help out all the time. Her organizational skills are very commendable and reflect in the stellar staff meeting minutes she takes. She has influenced many students to do better and in the process enriched her Husky Experience. She is a proud husky aspiring to achieve great heights. As a fellow Husky, I and many others hope to see her succeed in her pursuits; Thank you for all your contributions and all the very best.


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