Erica Barton

Despite any roadblocks Erica may face, she seems to hurdle right over them. She is never one to shy away from a challenge, be it physical or mental. Erica pushes the boundaries for women in the professional world, as well as encourages other young men and women like me to pursue their ambitions. The encouragement and recognition she gives for the work of her student staff and coworkers makes one feel truly valued. Erica can make accomplishing a small task feel like a substantial victory. I have never felt more confident in my abilities and ready to face what lies beyond UW undergraduate school as I do when I work with Erica. She deeply cares about students and devotes so much of her time to promoting their leadership and professional development. Every day Erica inspires me to set new goals, achieve new feats, and push existing boundaries. Erica is a UW woman, mentor, and colleague who is undoubtedly deserving of celebration.

Mentor. Supervisor. Trusted Confidant. Role Model. Erica Barton has taken on many roles as my supervisor and every day I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with such an amazing woman. Erica inspires me to be my authentic self and to quiet the judgmental voices in my head. Erica has such an amazing work ethic and truly cares about the staff and students she works to support. Erica has strategically created opportunities for the the Residence Education Team to bond together including a staff retreat last summer, a holiday party in her home and the opportunity to race together this coming summer at the Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon. Through these interactions, we have developed trust, provided encouragement and cheered each other on. I am proud to be part of the Res Ed family and to have such a caring, supportive and courageous supervisor in Erica Barton.

Erica continues to be a highlight here at UW. She is a cheerleader for her team and advocates strongly for them. Although extremely busy, she is always willing to find time to connect with you. She is a role model of how to be a supervisor. She takes pride in making sure those around her feel supported and appreciated. She takes time to remember and recognize your personal accomplishments or highlights in your life. She has served as inspiration this past year as well with her personal commitment to her fitness goals and accomplishments. I feel extremely blessed to have a colleague as thoughtful, intentional, personable, and caring as Erica.

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