Gracen Rubo

Gracen Rubo

I would like to nominate Gracen Rubo for the “Celebrating UW Women” program. Gracen is very deserving of this recognition for many reasons, but one in particular is her work with UW Study Abroad to create a specific pre-departure orientation called “Being a Woman Abroad.” Based on her own experiences from studying abroad and those of other study abroad alumni, Gracen helped create this orientation that focuses on how UW women can stay safe, healthy, and culturally mindful while studying abroad. Gracen has been very dedicated to creating this orientation and has worked very hard with a few other UW Study Abroad Peer Ambassadors to create the orientation, promote it, and present it multiple times each quarter. The orientation has been very well-received by participants and continues to grow. It has proven to be a valuable contribution to students’ preparation before going abroad and is a tool that UW Study Abroad will continue to use even after Gracen leaves the university in order to better prepare UW students for their studies and adventures abroad.


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