Hailey Zurcher

Hailey Zurcher

Hailey Zurcher has a commitment to people and helping to enable others to succeed. As a Student Coordinator in the Office of First Year Programs and the Assistant Manager for the Commuter and Transfer Commons, Hailey interacts daily with University administrators, faculty, staff, and students. We are constantly impressed by Hailey’s energy and spirit, she always takes extra steps and puts forth effort to help her peers. The rest of the student coordinator team looks to Hailey for advice and encouragement it is apparent that Hailey wants to challenge herself and grow through creating a new experience for herself. Hailey observes processes and is able to provide constructive criticism and useful insights to better improve office operations, new student orientations, and learning communities. Hailey’s work in the University community extends beyond new student transitional support. She was president of her sorority. Hailey facilitated presentations, managed chapter operations, and was responsible for keeping her sorority sisters accountable to both the values of the organization but also to each other. Hailey leads with humility and patience. She has genuine care for the people with whom she works and we are lucky to have her on our team.


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