Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson

Lisa Peterson continues to serve as the director of Genomic Outreach for Minorities (GenOM) Project since 2002. The GenOM Project aims to introduce students of underrepresented backgrounds into the STEM field through research experiences in order to diversify the scientific community. This program is a nine week summer program where Lisa dedicates her time to optimize the learning experience for all participants. But this program does not just end during the summer; Lisa continues to develop the GenOM Project into tight-knit family among the participants that lasts many years after the program. I remember living off campus my first year and taking Chemistry, which I have never taken before. Lisa provided me with resources to help make the situation the best that I could. With her guidance, I feel that I have made the most out of my Husky Experience and believe that I can speak on behalf of all GenOM Project participants that Lisa has changed our lives and we would not be prospering at the University of Washington without her guidance. Lisa is the epitome of the University of Washington’s goals and values and deserves to be recognized for the impact she has to the University of Washington community.

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