Marianne Rojas

Marianne one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.

She is compassionate, intelligent, and funny. She knows herself very well, and stays staunch to her beliefs. Despite all of the hardships she has faced in her life, Marianne has never lost her kind heart and ambition, and conquers every adversary that comes her way with unbelievable finesse.

Marianne has been a mentor, an advisor, and a friend to me throughout my time at UW. She was there from me from the moment I met her, and continues to be whenever I need her. She is one of those few people in the world who you can talk about anything with, whether it be silly or serious. During one of our several evening chats, I asked Marianne why she decided to major in civil engineering. She replied simply, “Because I want to do something meaningful. I want to help people.”

Though Marianne carries a world of responsibility on her shoulders, I have never heard her complain. She doesn’t see her responsibilities as a burden; she sees them as the reason to keep going. I have never seen someone with her selflessness and drive, and she deserves the greatest of happiness and success, which I know she will continue to achieve throughout her life.

I am honored to have known such an incredible woman, and I can’t wait to see the amazing things she does in the future.


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