Mariasol Hill

Mariasol Hill

Mariasol Hill is incredibly deserving of this honor for so many reasons — she has been an outstanding mentor, supervisor, and true friend to me since the beginning of our time together three years ago. She saw me through the end of my time as a student at UW and has helped me continue to grow professionally in my current role. Her laughter is absolutely contagious and never fails to make those around her feel comfortable and included! She is professional, intelligent, and all around dedicated to the success of our students in Maple Hall and at the University of Washington.

Mariasol Hill is the incredibly motivated Resident Director for Maple Hall. As my mentor and supervisor, she has become a women who I truly look up to. Her passion and devotion towards the residents and staff of Maple is evident in everything she does. I am so glad that I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with her, because she has taught me so much. She is an exceptional Resident Director and human being who deserves to be recognized.


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