Noelle Wilson

Noelle WilsonNoelle Wilson is decidedly deserving of a Celebrating UW Women nomination. I have had the privilege of working with Noelle throughout the past year, and am grateful to have a colleague who I can trust and who is unfailingly supportive. In Noelle I have found a friend and trusted confidant. Noelle brings an upbeat and positive attitude and brings fun into the work place, not to mention her love of puns.
Noelle has a wonderful relationship with both her colleagues and the staff that she supervises. I often hear Noelle’s staff comment on appreciating her work as their boss. Noelle brings a unique perspective to staff and students that is invaluable in both Housing and Food Services and the University setting. Noelle shows up authentically, role modeling inclusivity and acceptance for her staff and colleagues. Noelle is truly deserving a woman worth celebrating.

Noelle is one of the most vibrant, supportive, and creative women I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She always has a smile and positive outlook no matter how negative or stressful the situation. Her resiliency, dedication to her students, and her infectious joy make her worthy of honorable recognition. She is a stunning representation of powerful, intelligent women, as well as a role model for all of her students. Noelle leads by example, inspiring those around her to explore their creativity, leadership, and professional development. A life with Noelle would be far less bright, and she truly deserves to be celebrated as a UW woman.

Noelle is such an amazing woman. She came to the University of Washington just months before the Residence Education Programmers had to become a reality. Not only was she leading a completely new program, she had to transition into a completely new institution, neither of which are easy tasks. The first year of REP proved to have its challenges, but Noelle challenged the REPs to think creatively and grow as student leaders. Now in the second year of its program, the growth and success of the REP team is clear to anyone in res life. Noelle supports her students well, while simultaneously pushing them outside their comfort zones. She has been one of my best supervisors I have ever had, and I know the successes that her teams have seen are in a large part due to her support and guidance. I am so thankful for Noelle; her positive impacts on my life have lasted long after my time as an REP came to an end.


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