Sonia Xu

Emma MillerHave you ever talked to Sonia Xu? You should. It will probably change your life. Sonia is powered by people. She is courageous, creative, passionate, kind, and thoroughly cares about everyone she comes into contact with. Also she doesn’t really like when people compliment her but that’s too bad because she does way too many wonderful things to not be complemented and I get 250 words. Sonia explores, talks, exchanges stories, smiles, hugs, words of wisdom… she is a giver. She is talented and humble, outgoing and loving, generous and always up for an adventure, shining bright. She’s the kind of person that buys a mariachi band’s CD while abroad and blasts it in the car as you drive through long Seattle tunnels on sunny days. She’s got a way of making life feel infinite. Sonia challenges you, pushes you, inspires you. I am at my word limit and as Matt Corby would say, “We are about to end our journey together.” Have a wonderful day, SonSon. UW is lucky to call you one of their women.


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