Arielle Menn

Arielle is a super sweet and kind soul. As an RA for Maple Hall, it is evident that she truly cares about her residents and fellow staff members. She has been nothing but friendly to me, and I always look forward to seeing her in the RLO. Arielle deserves to be recognized for her all her efforts.

Arielle is very deserving of this Celebrating UW Women nomination. I am hard pressed to think of something that Arielle does without putting in all her effort. She is constantly thinking of ways to make others happy and this extends to the community she serves on her floor. As if this wasn’t enough, Arielle is also extremely dedicated to her studies and to extra-curricular commitments. She’s clearly always busy with many things but is also very excited about all the things she is a part of like research, ASUW, and Grey Matters. All the while, Arielle has managed to lead efforts in helping the Maple Staff Team bond and spend time together. I hope that she knows her hard work is recognized and appreciated by all of us!


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