Betsy Byra

Betsy Byra

Betsy is a very delightful and dedicated Resident Advisor for Maple Hall. I am so glad that I have gotten the chance to work with her this year, because her positive spirit is infectious. She is friendly and welcoming to residents and staff and is very deserving of recognition.

Betsy deserves this Celebrating UW Women nomination for her amazing leadership in the Maple community and on her floor. Betsy is in her first year as a Resident Adviser and has worked hard to create an environment where students feel happy and comfortable. It is clear from my time working with Betsy that she cares a lot about others and has aspirations to help others in her long-term career, something that is very admirable. Most importantly, Betsy is an integral part of the Maple Staff Team. She is kind and funny but also reliable and serious about her job and the way she impacts students in our building. I know that she is not only appreciated by me but also by our staff and all of her residents!

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