Bridgett Kaufer

An extremely talented, passionate and dedicated student who values both the sciences and arts. She has a particular flair for musical theatre which she consistently strives to refine and at the same time excels in the speech and hearing science major. She aims to help children with speech and hearing disabilities and has thus started to build her skills in realizing that goal. Despite her heavy academic load, she finds the time to practice music and musical theatre, spend quality time with friends and family, and participate in research.

Bridgett has helped positively impact and enrich the Husky Experience of many students. Be it in her job helping at the veteran’s hospital, teaching children musical theatre, or on campus, she has been a role model for many. She has helped students foster lasting connections. Knowing a lot of resources on campus and being a very creative individual, she has helped many students find their knack in UW. She is a proud husky aspiring to achieve great heights. As a fellow Husky, I and many others hope to see her succeed in her pursuits; Thank you for all your contributions and all the very best.


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