Christina Fong

Christina Fong

I am excited to nominate Dr. Christina Fong, principal lecturer of Management, for Celebrating UW Women. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and learning from Dr. Christina Fong over the past two years. She is an inspirational and fearless leader—she embodies the mission of the University of Washington, Foster School of Business, and the Husky Leadership Initiative. From being on a committee to working alongside her, her passion shines through each and every interaction. Christina truly cares for all those around her and is tireless in the journey to providing a dynamic leadership education to all students at the University of Washington. Not only is she willingly and voluntarily tasked to accept such a grand challenge, she is doing an amazing job at it.

She is always positive and eager to learn from colleagues and her students. She always has a smile on her face and a wonderful sense of humor. I am so fortunate that I was able to meet her! She has been a valuable piece of my Husky Experience. Thank you so much Christina for the work that you do!


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