Dana Cuomo

I have never met someone as kind, compassionate and devoted to helping students succeed as Dana Cuomo. As a Health and Wellness advocate, Dana provides genuine support, advocacy, consultation, and education to students who have experienced recent trauma while at UW. Dana has helped me significantly during my time here at UW and has been such a light in my life that I really could not appreciate her enough for how much she has helped me and other students manage and overcome adversity. Dana has been more than just an advocate to me, she has been an inspiration. She has inspired me to stand up for myself and my rights as a UW student, and to become a student advocate for others who are dealing with trauma. The world really needs more people like Dana Cuomo, and I am forever grateful and truly honored that I have the privilege of working with her. I want to thank you publicly for your hard work and dedication in helping students achieve success at UW, it means so much to all of us. I know your job isn’t easy. Thank you so much Dana, you are a true hero.


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