Lindsey Sullivan

Lindsey Sullivan

Lindsey deserves this Celebrating UW Women nomination for so many more reasons than I could fit into this short narrative. I’ve watched Lindsey grow personally and professionally over the last almost 3 years and have been honored to be even the smallest part of that growth. Professionally, Lindsey has taught me the importance of relationship building and has inspired me with the energy to lead staffs and student leaders. She is an integral part of the reason Maple is successful in its first year and I hope that she knows how much I appreciate all her hard work. Even just in this year, I have watched her start to develop her supervision style and take on some challenging student issues, while also helping me handle the challenges I face. On a more personal note, Lindsey is always willing to listen when I need to talk through something and is always willing, and able, to make me laugh even on the stressful days. I’m so happy to share an office with her and incredibly proud to call her my colleague!

If anybody deserves recognition, it is Lindsey Sullivan. As my supervisor and mentor she has taught me so many skills and has been a true source of inspiration. Her devotion to the RA staff and to residents is one of the many reasons why I and many others hold her in such esteem. Her bubbly and positive attitude make coming into work each day such a pleasure. I cannot imagine how Maple would run without her.

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