Mallory Kester

Mallory Kester

A very dedicated and passionate individual who aspires to achieve great heights in life. She wishes to excel in the Human Centered Design Engineering program and through that discipline contribute back to the society. As a very disciplined student, she plans ahead and consistently keeps on top of her academic load. She also finds a good balance between her academics, other responsibilities, family and her personal time; a very well rounded individual who strives to achieve the best for herself and others around her.

As a RA, Mallory has made a lot of good connections on staff and on her floor. She is always willing to spend time with her peers to complete tasks and takes the time to know all staff members well. She is very approachable and is always willing to help with any community needs despite at times having a very busy schedule. Her approachability and can do attitude makes her an excellent team player. She is making the best of her Husky Experience whilst enabling others to have a great experience as well. She is truly a proud Husky who aspires to achieve great heights. As a fellow Husky, I and many others hope to see her succeed in her pursuits; thank you for all your contributions and all the very best.


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