Mandy Vega

Mandy is an amazingly sweet and kind person. She has a passion for both Law Societies and Justice and Sociology that is beyond what I have seen in anyone else at UW. On top of studying two subjects and getting good grades, she also balances two part time jobs. Even though she is incredibly busy she handles it well and never seems to be phased by the stress.
As an RA Mandy has done an amazing job. Joining our staff part way through the year, and having missed official training she had a lot of hard work to do to catch up, which she did with ease. She was one of the fastest learners I have seen in this role. Within a matter of weeks she managed to learn how to maintain all of the community standards with in the building while also connecting on a deep level with all of her residents, providing the support and resources they need. She has been a joy to have on our team and I know she will continue to amaze others as well.


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