Paula Bisiar

A very dedicated and passionate individual who is very involved in ensuring social justice is preserved and the well being of every individual is given importance. She is excited to be at the university and to be learning about law, society and justice and looks forward to be able to contribute to the discipline in some capacity in the near future. She takes particular interest in current issues and analyzes them rationally. She aspires to go to Law School and foster good connections that will enable her to achieve her dreams of making justice prevail in the society.

Paula also contributes to the community around her in many other capacities. Her discipline and commendable organizational skills have made her excel in leadership roles that she has taken up. As an RA, she helps foster a good community on her floor and is a good role model, academically and otherwise. She has helped the community and its residents a lot and provided them with the necessary resources to succeed. She is a proud Husky who aspires to achieve great heights. As a fellow Husky, I and many others hope to see her succeed in her pursuits; thank you for all your contributions and all the very best.


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