Briana Caffee

Briana CaffeeI would like to nominate Briana Caffee for her leadership, work, and impact at the UW and in the larger community. I have interacted with Briana on numerous occasions and each time I learn something new. Briana possesses a powerful ability to look at things holistically. Briana is studying Communications and is planning on minoring in Global Health. In one conversation, Briana was able to explain the expansiveness of Global Health issues. Briana was able to connect the personal impact of disease to the large scale consequences that diseases play in society. Briana is a role model and Briana is a leader, simply through her presence at the University of Washington. However, Briana strives to lead by more than just example. Briana is a Student Ambassador at the Ethnic Cultural Center. As a Student Ambassador, Briana helps underrepresented students from local high schools learn more about applying to college and helps facilitate multicultural conferences and campus tours.
Briana’s ability to explore real world issues beyond face value is an important piece of what makes her a quintessential UW woman. However, it is Briana’s work as a Student Ambassador to reverse the systemic adversity that underrepresented communities’ face is what makes her excellent.


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