Michelle Primley Benton

Over the past two years, I have been beyond fortunate to work for Michelle, and grow from both her guidance and leadership. Michelle has an uncanny ability to balance tailored support to a staff member, with both affirmation and motivation to reach for more. I have always valued opportunities to hear from Michelle’s experiences, and have always walked away from interactions with her feeling inspired. To a newer professional, Michelle is seen as the standard for professionalism. She understands the nuances of being a silent leader and knowing how to elicit the ideas from her team. I am undoubtedly a better professional due to Michelle, and cannot thank her enough for serving as a mentor in both work and life.

Michelle has been a great source of support for me over the past academic year and I would love to take the opportunity to recognize her for all of the work that she does for me and for our staff in Residential Life at the UW. Michelle always has the most useful advice and I love that I can come to her for any multitude of issues and she will help me navigate them with such professionalism and grace. Michelle constantly pushes me to be thoughtful in my interactions with students and I have learned so much about what it means to be a good professional under Michelle’s leadership. She also allows for her staff to have autonomy in their communities which is something that has allowed to flourish in my building. Michelle is also such a great example of how to have work life balance. Michelle understands the magnitude and the importance of the work that we do with students, but advocates for her staff to build in time for our personal lives and experiences outside of work. I look up to Michelle in a lot of ways and am just really lucky that I get to call her my supervisor! I also love her passion and love for the Pacific Northwest and always know she has great information and fun facts about life in Seattle and Washington State. Even though I grew up in the area as well, she teaches me so much about this area which I really appreciate! Thank you, Michelle, for being such an engaged and overall fabulous supervisor. I am forever grateful to be supervised under your leadership!


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