Julia Wing

I have had the pleasure of knowing Julia for all four years that she has been on the UW campus. In my opinion Julia has managed to make a profound impact on our campus in a way that most people may not notice. Julia may not be what we consider a traditional student leader but she has done many great deeds that in my opinion would outweigh the accomplishments of such prominent campus leaders. Julia is not only an ambitious student but also one who has held down a job for as long as she has been on campus. She is a true working woman who has worked diligently for her education and the humble lifestyle. Julia has chosen to work in environments that help promote the UW community such as serving as desk staff in the residence halls and as a tutor for high school students who hope to one day be at our campus. On top of a busy work week Julia still manages to find time to volunteer at a local homeless shelter. Julia selflessly gives up her valuable time for wellbeing of those who may not be as privileged as the majority of UW students. Julia’s impact on our campus are so profound in that she has spent all her time focusing on making our campus a more inclusive place rather than calling attention to her accomplishment. I believe Julia is deserving of recognition for her selflessness and willingness to make our campus an inclusive community.


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